(Mid 30s – WWII) TB-00 to five string Conversion Banjo




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·      Original Gibson TB-00 thin ply rim and resonator

·      Arthur Hatfield Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard

·      ‘Dots’ neck inlay and coke-bottle shaped peg head with ‘The Gibson’ inlay

·      Gotoh tuners

·      Sullivan arch top to flat head conversion tone ring

·      Early Saga (or possibly Recording King) flange

·      Generic notched tension hoop and flat hooks

·      Grover Presto window style tail piece

·      Saga or Recording King arm rest

·      Lakota bison strap


“As mentioned before, I am a big fan of the simple Gibson pre-war banjos. The 00 had no tone hoop or ring – just a beveled edge. While some rims were full thickness, most were 5/8” or less. The curved bottom resonator is unbound at the top. (Greg Earnest has a great description of these banjos at this link.)


Arthur knew that I was looking for one of these for a conversion instrument and when he came into possession of a rim and resonator, he gave me a call. He also had a generic flange that was a good fit and I supplied the tension hoop, arm rest, and Presto ‘windows’ pre-war tail piece. We decided on a simple neck style – in this case a coke-bottle shaped peg head style 1 mahogany neck with ‘dots’ inlay on a rosewood finger board. To complete the banjo, we added a Sullivan archtop to flathead conversion tone ring that would have a flat foot print on the thin rim. I knew this combination worked well because I had used it on the very similar Kalamazoo conversion. Click on the following link to view an original ‘coke bottle’ peg head shape used as the inspiration for this neck.


The banjo turned out as planned – easy to play and great tone. I look forward to many hours of pleasure picking this instrument.


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$ (Inquire for price) This Banjo is no longer available on this website.