8718 – 17 1927 TB-1 to five string Conversion Banjo



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·      Original 1927 Gibson TB-1 ply rim and resonator

·      Arthur Hatfield walnut neck with rosewood fingerboard

·      ‘Flying Eagle’ neck inlay and full ‘flying eagle’ double cut peg head overlay

·      Gotoh tuners

·      Huber 20 hole flat head tone ring

·      Recording King flange

·      Prucha hardware

·      Presto style tail piece

·      Lakota bison strap


“I originally purchased this banjo on ebay with the intent of converting to a full weight flat head tone ring one piece flange banjo. I have always been a fan of the Style 4 banjos with the walnut construction and full flying eagle inlay pattern. I carried this instrument to Arthur with this in mind and he produced a great sounding beautiful instrument by adding a walnut neck with full flying eagle inlay pattern in a rosewood finger board and added a Huber Vintage tone ring that I supplied. Originally, I stayed with the hardware from the tb1, however, the instrument turned out so well that I then replace the grooved tension hoop, hooks and nuts, and windows tail piece with modern Prucha hardware. The flange is a Recording King.”


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$ (Inquire for price) This banjo is no longer available through this website.