Gold Star GF 100W (Early to mid-80s)



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·      Original pot with tone ring replaced with a Hatfield long skirt 20 hole tone ring

·      Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard

·      Mahogany resonator with concentric rings

·      ‘Wreath’ neck inlay and double cut style 3 peg head overlay

·      Gotoh two band tuners

·      Leather strap


“I have always liked the vintage Gold Stars. In the late 70s and early through mid 80s, they were (in my opinion) the best banjo available for a reasonable price. One model that was particularly attractive to me was the GF-100 W (wreath). Perhaps that was due to Tom Adams playing one for several professional groups that I enjoyed. This particular banjo became available in 2013 from Arthur Hatfield – he had taken in on a trade. This instrument had been treated a bit roughly as far as the resonator is concerned and has small damage to one sidewall and the back had gouges into the finish. Arthur had the back refinished and the small damage to the sidewall is not significant enough structurally to harm tone or integrity of the resonator. The tuners have been updated to Gotohs and Arthur had added one of his long skirt 20 hole tone rings to this banjo for the previous owner.


The label is also missing from the inside of the rim – not uncommon for early Gold Stars. However, all indications (patina of metal, finish to wood) are that this is a vintage Gold Star and the person who traded to Arthur indicated that it was bought new in 1984. At any rate, this is a fine example of a very good ‘player’ instrument with the classic looks and feel of a thirty-year old flat head banjo. Click HERE to read about the history of Gold Star banjos.”


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$ (Inquire for price) This banjo is no longer available through this website.