Gibson RB-1 1994 Reissue 1-9404-03



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·      1994 Gibson Reissue

·      Maple neck with rosewood ‘bats and gulls’ unbound fingerboard

·      Maple resonator

·      Double cut peg head

·      Waverly two band tuners

·      One-fourth inch rolled brass tone hoop

·      All original hardware

·      Levy’s Leather strap


“I have always liked the Gibson RB-1 reissues of the early to mid nineties. I often wondered why they had the double cut headstock as opposed to the fiddle shaped peg heads of the originals of the 1930s. They also have curly maple necks as opposed to the straight-grained maple of the originals. I have been told these were produced from wood components originally intended for the Granada models in the 90s and that while they were popular with pickers (many of whom modified the rim to accept a full flathead tone ring), they were discontinued due to being too expensive to produce and sell at the going retail prices. I don’t know how true that is, however, I do know that they are getting more and more difficult to find in the original condition such as this instrument.


I bought this banjo from good friend and banjoist, Kerry Warbington of Cleveland, GA in 2010.”


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$ (Inquire for price) This banjo is no longer available through this website.