Gibson RB-3 Style Replica Banjo



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·      Wyatt Fawley mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard

·      Wyatt Fawley mahogany resonator with concentric rings

·      First Quality Music pot with Cox rim and Tennessee 20 tone ring

·      Pot produced and fitted by Bill Sullivan of First Quality Music in late 90s

·      ‘Flying eagle’ neck inlay and double cut style 3 peg head overlay

·      Five star band tuners

·      Leather strap


“This banjo has been put together in two stages. The first stage involved noted banjo builder Wyatt Fawley of Greensboro, PA building a neck and resonator for a mid-sixties RB-100. That banjo simply did not have the sound I was looking for and I then contacted Mr. Bill Sullivan of First Quality Music of Louisville, KY to put together a complete pot for the neck and resonator which were (and are) outstanding. The pot is based on a Tennessee 20 tone ring, Cox (or possibly Cooperman ) rim and First Quality hardware. The resulting replica (copy) is an excellent banjo and after being together for a couple of years, in 1999, I sent to Janet Davis Music of Bentonville, AR for a complete set up. The banjo came back as one of the best banjos (to me) that I had ever played and it served as my primary banjo of choice until around 2005.


The banjo does have one eccentricity – the inlay commonly found at the 19th fret is found at the 20th fret. I have sent an inquiry to Wyatt as to why this was the case but have not gotten a response as of this date. “


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