Gibson RB-3 Style Parts Banjo



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·      Cox rim and gold plated 20 hole Huber tone ring

·      Pot produced and fitted by Frank Neat

·      Arthur Hatfield Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard

·      Arthur Hatfield mahogany resonator

·      ‘Leaves and bows’ neck inlay and double cut style 3 peg head overlay

·      Waverly two band tuners

·      Flange, tension hoop, hooks, nuts, arm rest from mid-sixties Gibson RB-100

·      Prucha Presto style tail piece

·      Leather strap


“This banjo started out as a mid-sixties RB-100. However, it morphed over many years to the present configuration. The hardware with the exception of the Prucha tail piece is from a mid-sixties RB-100. The pot (Cox rim and early Huber gold plated Vintage tone ring) was put together along with the hardware by banjo builder extraordinaire Frank Neat of Russell Springs, KY. The neck and resonator were built by Arthur Hatfield of Glasgow, KY and he also assembled and set up the banjo in 2004.


Let me emphasize that this is an outstanding parts banjo containing top shelf non-vintage components with the exception being the Gibson parts (hardware) from a mid-sixties RB-100. With the older hardware, it has that vintage look and feel and is a mahogany flathead instrument built in the style of the classic ‘leaves and bows’ Style 3s. “


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