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The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996 USA
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596 Curriculum Trends in Science Education

Course Description:
Curriculum Trends in Science Education: Analysis of elementary and secondary curriculum projects for biological, physical, and environmental sciences, impact of current learning theories on future development projects. Prereq: 496, or Early Childhood Education 422 Early Childhood Teaching Methods, or equivalent. Prereq or coreq: 565 or consent of instructor. (3 hours)

Text: No formal text will be required. Portable document format (pdf) documents will be downloaded from appropriate initiative (No Child Left Behind legislation), standards (NSTA and TN Science Framework), and accrediting (NCATE) sites. In addition, specific curriculum projects and initiatives (including technology) will be defined and studied in detail with analyses leading to practical implications for classroom implementation (lesson and unit plans).

Dates - Summer Term 2004
(9:10 - 1:25 MW)
Classes Begin - Wednesday, June 2
First Session Ends - Friday, July 2
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