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One Major purpose of the North Georgia Bluegrass Chronicles is to provide a means of archiving a research project involving the editor and other members of the North Georgia Bluegrass Community. That project is well under way and will be highlighted on the 'Archives' page. 

I (along with collaborator Mike Fleming) had hoped to be able to publish a preliminary History "North Georgia Bluegrass - 1950-2000" by the summer of 2005. However, with my (Fall 2004) move to Shorter College in Rome, Georgia from Lindsey Wilson college in Columbia, Kentucky, we have decided to do additional interviews that we feel are essential for the first edition of that research. We will use this web site to keep all interested parties up to date on the timeline as well as to share presentations and information regarding the project. I hope you will enjoy visiting and remembering special occasions and persons of the North Georgia Bluegrass Community.

Please click HERE to re-visit the Labor Day 2002 Armuchee Bluegrass festival held at the Armuchee Saddle Club in Armuchee, GA.

Breaking News!!! Chuck and Kricket have exciting plans for the storied Armuchee Bluegrass Festival! Please click HERE for more information.
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